The Forgotten Kuta

We made a quick pitstop in Kuta, Lombok to space out our travel days en route to the Gili Islands. Although we only spent one day and two nights in Kuta, I can definitely say that I wouldn’t mind finding myself there again. 

Tanjung Aan Beach

This Kuta is not to be confused with Bali’s Kuta, which is easily one of the most popular destinations in all of Indonesia. Lombok is home to the forgotten Kuta, a town on the southern tip of the island and put to the wayside in favor of more popular places, like it’s cousin in Bali or it’s sisters to the north, the Gili Islands. In fact, I believe that Lombok itself is completely underrated, although I’m kind of okay with that because “underrated” often equates to smaller crowds and lower prices. It’s still a popular island, but it does not receive nearly the amount of attention it deserves. Lombok is a huge and someday soon I will easily spend a week or more exploring the towns, beaches, waterfalls, and of course, hiking Mt. Rinjani.

But for now, Kuta is all that I’ve seen of the mainland, and it is an incredible place in it’s own right. But note to self: Avoid Lombok at all costs during the New Year. It was flooded with local Indonesians on holiday one day and by January 2nd they had all but disappeared.

January 1st
January 2nd


The first day of 2017 was spent relaxing with a book in one hand and a fresh coconut in the other. If that’s any indication, then it’s going to be one fantastic year for me.




Expansive view of Kuta and home to the best (and only) tempe burger I’ve ever had! C’mon Indonesia, make tempe burgers a thing, please.



This place is a few minutes away from the beach and was a sheer delight. The staff immediately carried our bags to our bungalow upon arrival, there was a cat and it’s kitten that said hello to us, the mattress was seriously the comfiest, we rented a motor bike for only 50k IDR (<$4), AND our banana pancakes came with sprinkles. All for $14 a night! Gotta love Indonesia.


On our one day there it was filled with locals, including a group of boys playing a racing game with bottle caps through a course they made in the sand. Indonesians are constantly working so it was nice to see so many locals enjoying a holiday on the beach together.

This picture never fails to make me smile
One person asked for a picture and it turned into a group photo op


It was a short and sweet stay, but you’re entirely irresistable and I’ll be seeing you again soon. 



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